Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paicu Revisited

So there we were on the way to Paicu (this one's for you, Katy!) to visit the team there and the muffler fell off of my car. Odd thing for it to do, seeing that my exhaust system was repaired (after falling off) just a couple weeks ago. Mind you, the low carriage of my car and the dreadful conditions of the roads here are not a good combination. The thing was that when the muffler fell off - well, it sort of ripped off - it almost took the whole bumper with it. Fortunately I was able to use the string from my Tilley hat to tie the bumper together until we got to the village. There someone fastened it together better with a couple of pieces of wire that we found at the building site where the foundling Paicu church is constructing a church/community centre.

So, having seen my car begin to fall apart piece by piece, I have decided that it's much more reasonable to opt for the standard mode of transport in Moldova:

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