Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out my window...

You never know what you will see when you look out the window. Last week my heart was in my throat when I looked out my 5th floor apartment window at this view higher up on the next building over:

Then one day I was at the office and looked out my window, where the scaffolding is for the guys working on the outside of the building. This was the view:

Or I can look out the back window and focus on the as-yet-unfinished back court of our building... or focus on the beautiful view beyond our messy yard. We all see different things through our particular viewpoint and from our specific vantage point. It's important to take the time to get the full picture, or to recognize that there are different views, or to realize that the current view will most likely change as things move toward completion and/or fufillment. Thinking of these things I begin to understand the issue of what we see and what God sees and I know that it is a good thing to seek the full picture - and to trust God in all things.

Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy?

Last weekend I showed my roommates how to make cherry pie. Then we ate it. Then Viorica wanted to make one herself, so she did - and did a marvelous job! As we were working on pies, of course I taught her the song "Oh where have you been, Billy Boy?... Can she make a cherry pie, Billy boy?" Now every time I mention pie, Viorica starts mumbling musically ...'cherry pie, cherry pie...' - it is so funny!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cherry Season

Cherry season... the beginning of the harvest season, with fresh cherries abundant everywhere. Tomorrow I will teach my new Moldovan roommate how to bake pie - cherry pie, of course! In Moldova they do not have pie but they have something along the same line called 'placinta'. Next week I will ask Viorica to teach me how to make that! Outside our OM office building are several cherry trees. It is common practice as team members come and go morning and evening to stop off at the trees and help themselves to the luscious cherries. Good missionaries that we are, we even give thanks for those cherries that have been blessed with an extra portion of meat...(worms are protein, right?).

Not only are cherries growing, but the coming grape harvest is already in evidence in the beautiful and abundant grape arbors of Moldova.

We are excited that our new building is nearing completion and we finally have our water connected! We continue to pray for electricity and gas to soon be connected. It's good to have water connected, too, as the weather has been so hot - in the 30's! and a water supply is important. Our cook is enjoying the new facilities even though they are still somewhat makeshift.

But mostly, these days, my mind is wandering to Canada. Soon my body will follow and I will be able to hold in my arms my darling, gorgeous grandson, Ali J. I will also be able to hug and talk and laugh with all three of my children. And visit my mother, my church, and many friends as well - how blessed I am!

Friday, June 01, 2007

More photos from Paicu

Although I was only a bit more than 24 hours in Paicu, it was a very special time, with very special people. Here's just some of the moments...