Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Casa Noua

This week we moved our department into the new building. Those of you who have been to Moldova will of course ask, is there 'apa, lumina, gaz'? (water, electricity, gas) Well, you would think those would be prerequisites to working in a new building but in fact, no, we are still wading through the bureaucracy to get the necessary permits to be hooked up. Meanwhile we have a line of electricity coming into the building courtesy of a neighbour, and huge barrels of water being filled regularly courtesy of a neighbour on the other side, so we're good.

During the football conference last week, my office had been used as a dormitory for some of the guys, so it has been well aired out this week, and we did have to take apart several sets of bunkbeds in order to move our furniture in. But we did move in. This week I hope to buy some of the new furniture we need for my office - a bookcase, new desk, sofa and chair.

We had a bit of an adventure the day we moved in with trying to lock the door to the office. I couldn't get the key to work so Tanea tried it. Only thing was she went into the office to try from the other side of the door. She got it locked and took the key out of the lock, which I had not been able to do... but then she couldn't get it unlocked! One of the worker guys came to help and ended up having to climb in the window to rescue Princess Tanea, unlock the door, and repair the lock itself.

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