Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moldovan Youth - not apathetic!

It seems that although the communists somehow obtained more than 50% of the vote, the youth of Moldova are not prepared to sit idly by. There was a huge protest rally in the city centre today with over 20,000 youth filling the square. The opposition parties are accusing the government of rigging the election and there is a call for an electoral review of some kind. In any case, through text-messaging and internet a huge crowd of young people gathered in the centre square this evening in declaration of a national day of mourning in view of the election results. Word is that there will be another protest tomorrow morning. Much prayer has gone up for this election and for new blood in the Moldovan parliament. Christians are rejoicing that the Bishop of the Baptist Union, Valeriu Ghiletschi has obtained a seat in parliament. Ghiletschi said on his Facebook page: “I finished the first day after the election X in the center of Chisinau attending a 20.000 youth protest. I was thinking that the battle was over, but it seems it's just the beginning...” (Valeriu Ghiletschi, newly re-elected to parliament)
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"The election results were based on a final vote count from Sunday's ballot. Turnout was more than 59 percent. There are two days to consider challenges.Opposition parties raised the specter of a new election by saying they would not join a coalition with the Communists. If the Communists fall short of 61 seats and no president is elected in three ballots, another parliamentary election must be called.Three opposition parties passed the 6 percent barrier to enter parliament. All three are broadly in favor free market policies and closer ties with the European Union and do not object to membership in NATO.
… The election was monitored by some 3,000 observers. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said the election was fair, but there was a need for "unbiased news reporting by the public broadcaster," said Nikolai Vulchanov, head of the long-term election observation mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.In the ethnic Moldovan town of Corjova, inside the breakaway region of Transdnestr, some 300 people jammed a polling station, preventing residents from casting ballots. Election observers were investigating the incident, and the town's residents voted in a nearby village.Moldovans living in other areas controlled by separatists were prevented from traveling to polling stations.No ballots took place in the separatist-controlled areas of Transdnestr, where Russia has 500 troops stationed. "(from the Moscow Times. Com - http://www.moscowtimes.ru/article/1010/42/375970.htm)
It's well-known that there is a LOT of cabbage in Moldova. I laughed when I saw this poster from the voting campaign whose title means: "Don't be a cabbage! Vote!"

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