Sunday, May 25, 2008

Verrrrryyyy interrrresssting....

Hurrah! Hurrah! It is spring and almost summer! Today on the way home from church we bought strawberries - first time this season. Alida and Katrin helped me to enjoy them - they were sooooo good! We also had new potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes for lunch.

Last week I was so pleased when the mechanic phoned me and told me that I would not need to buy a new car because he had done absolutely everything needed to my car and it was as good as new. I thought he meant it had been resurrected. And he had, in fact, put in a whole new suspension system so it does ride much better through the spring road repairs. But for the amount of money I paid for "everything" to be done, I noticed that the rear-view mirror still is not in place, the back door still needs oiling, and the rear bumper is still being held on by wire and the string from my Tilley hat! So I think 'slightly revived' is a more appropriate term than 'resurrected'. Guess I'll keep looking for a newer car.

The other day I gave you all a quiz but I got very few responses. Prizes will be sent to Dana & Cherise for correctly guessing that the gas is being installed for our new building. And Millie gets points for at least trying. Now for all the rest of you who didn't even try to guess, here's another little quiz. I'm looking for participation here! Look carefully at the metal thing in this photo and see if you can tell me what is its purpose? Sergiu spent some time the other day carefully installing this just outside the gate of our Training Centre.


  1. Ms Beall4:02 a.m.

    It is easy to gues when I used it for years. I let the others gues it. Have fun, I am loooking forward to see the answers.

  2. Well I think the metal frame is just waiting for a sign that says
    "Barbs Parking Space!" and if not then it should!! Hi Barb well I love reading your Blogs, I was in Moldova late 2006 and will be returning in March 2009 with Mission Without Borders, the Australian National Director Michelle is a mum at the school where I work, Pacific Hills Christian School in Sydney. I was speaking to our Business Manager at school Shane Merrick and he said he knows Peter Maiden who heads up OM in Chisinau. I would love to chat on email to you and talk a bit more about Moldova:
    God Bless you Barb and hope to hear from you soon - Janine

  3. Cherise Beekman3:53 a.m.

    Well if that isn't the most beautiful mud-scraper-offer I ever did see! Just the thing for that street. :)

  4. Anonymous10:04 p.m.

    Is it the begining of a catapult?

    If not, you should get one.

    Love always your son,


  5. It's either for chaining your horse and buggy too or it's the REAL playground you were going on about in you last blog. You used pictures from a Canadian playground, passed it off as a Moldovan playground, then felt guilty about it and put up the real playground picture.

    My prize had better be good.

    More love than your adopted son, Ben,


  6. Anonymous1:09 a.m.

    Umm... I feel like I'm cheating a little but it's set up to hook and beat rugs isn't it?

    I miss you Barb. Blessings dear sister.