Saturday, May 10, 2008

a day with Barb

  So today why don't you join me as I climb out of the rutiera and walk the last leg of the journey to the office? The road's not bad today as the sun has almost dried it up.
  Around the corner it's still a bit muddy but in some ways better to be walking than driving.
  There's some partial roads across this last field, where new houses are being built all the time. As you can see, our building is near the power lines. We climb over a small hill to get to the Centre. There is good reason why we don't drive closer to the building and park in our nice gravelled parking area...
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You see - this is the road not taken. It's not too bad today but when it rains.... only Matthew comes this way in his jeep.
On this day, the Challenge into Missions students are back from their outreach in the villages and are giving reports. Later on, it's my turn to teach. The topic for my two sessions with them this week is 'The Father Heart of God'. Victor is translating for me. It was a good idea to wear my shawl today - besides to keep me warm. I'm sharing the story of the eagle and how she stirs up her nest to teach the baby eaglets to fly. Victor does a good job of translating and together, we teach the class how to fly!! :-)
In the evening I invite some of our international students to my home for a break from the stress of language and cultural adaptation. Katrin (Austria), Naomi (England), and Thomas (Germany) seem to enjoy their evening. Thomas has us in gales of laugher as he recounts the story of how he celebrated his 20th birthday in our lovely country. He was detained by soldiers in a small village because he neglected to take his identity papers with him when jogging near the border. Some things we only learn the hard way!

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  1. Hi Barb, it is nice to read your blog, I miss you all. I pray for you that God will give you streght day by day. With love Aniko