Tuesday, January 04, 2011

An End and a Beginning

Dear friends and blog-followers,

This is the last entry in my 'Barb in Moldova' blog as I am no longer in Moldova. But for those who for some odd reason would like to continue keeping track of me, I have begun a new blog called 'The Next Chapter'. You will find it at http://www.barbbackincanada.blogspot.com/ and I welcome you to join me as I seek God's next adventure for me. Please feel free to comment or question or make suggestions - or offer me a job!

Each of you are special and I am especially thankful to those who have offered words of encouragement from time to time. I am also thankful for new friends I have met (at least online) through this Moldova blog. It will be interesting to hear from you also how God is leading you in mission and ministry.

Thank you for your interest and may the Lord bless you wherever you are.

Happy new year 2011!!

Your friend,



  1. I love keeping track of you!! (Which is not the same at all as stalking you!) Hurray for technology that keeps families in touch. Love you bunches...continually praying for His good plans to be revealed to you.

  2. Could you please tell me more about Moldova? I have been studying it in my geography class and want to learn more about it... especially from a missionaries perspective! My Twitter username is @brittermedia if you want to find me on there.