Saturday, November 08, 2008

Summer on Monday; Winter on Saturday

When I left Montenegro on Monday, we had picked mandarin oranges and pomegranates off the trees outside my friend Micah's house that morning. The day was hot and sunny and short sleeves were very comfortable. The day before I had watched a man swimming at the beach nearby!

On Wednesday when I went to the office, I stepped out of my apartment building and practically waded through the yellow leaves that were falling steadily from the trees. It was autumn.

Yesterday, as I drove home from work, I turned the heater on in my car and thought to myself "I need to find where I put my winter gloves. My hands are cold." Today I had the opportunity to meet my downstairs neighbour when he knocked on my apartment door. Since my radiators are on the floor above his, mine have the knob that you turn to let the air out. The air had to be released so that the hot water could circulate through the system. It's been awhile since I lived in a house with radiators and had to do that at the beginning of the winter. So now my radiators work in my apartment, and I know my downstairs neighbour - a very nice young man with a wife and young child. It's true that winter is just around the corner. Outside it's cold, but inside I'm beginning to feel warmer.

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  1. Hello Barb, love your blog. I plan on visiting Chisinau in December, I will be visiting a woman there named Galina, she says she is Christian but not sure if born again. If you could please pray for her salvation that when we meet she would be open. I have prayed for her and she really likes it. My hope and prayer is to rescue the Beauty as in John Eldredge's book Brave Heart depicted and would dream to help out with Galina some day in orphanages. She lives on Materi Basarab 8/2 Chisinau Moldova 51
    God Bless Barb and thanks for all you do to serve the Lord