Monday, February 18, 2008

Telling the Story

No photos tonight as it is late and I really should already be in bed. But I just wanted to stop by briefly and say hello to my friends and faithful blog readers. Thanks to Karen from Missouri for her note - hope you received my e-mail. :-) My time in Toronto seems to be pretty occupied and next weekend is my last one here in Canada. This weekend I had the opportunity to meet with some of my supporters and answer their questions about my ministry. Then this morning I visited the children's Sunday School in my church, sharing photos and prayer requests with these little ones whom I know will remember me in prayer. I have meetings this week with CBM, with the church Board of Mission, and several coffees and meals with friends.
I am hoping that if there are others whom I have not had a chance to visit, that you might drop by the Mission Expo next weekend: and see what is happening in the world of missions. I will have a missions display set up so come and visit me there! God bless you all!

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