Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Day with Alejandro

Last week I very magnanimously offered my daughter a day off. And I spent a good part of the day with my grandson all to myself. We went to the beach and the first thrill he had was banging on a yellow metal bench. Ah, the simple delights of a child! Eventually, once we got the swimmingly big falling-off boots changed to sneakers that fit and made use of the stroller as a pushcart to keep him focused, we made our way to the beach. A child’s best playground, even in January! Alejandro quickly mastered the art of picking up rocks, persuading his grandmother to pick him up, and then attempting to throw them into the water. The other option he mastered was picking up rocks and passing them to his grandmother so that SHE could throw them more successfully into the water. He laughed at the resounding plop when a big one landed in the drink. On the way back to the car a seagull flew in and landed right on the fence beside us – apparently to have a silent conversation with my delighted grandson. Finally the gull crowed a gull-y goodbye and we parted company.

Back at my little seaside suite, Alejandro was content to eat Cheerios and to chase a ball around. He enjoyed munching on fishy crackers and playing with the dinky cars I had bought for him. Before we headed for his home, he browsed multiple times through Grandma’s brag album which featured guess who? Alejandro, of course! We had a wonderful day together and as soon as I put him in his car seat, he fell asleep. When his mommy arrived home, I’m not sure which of them was happier to see each other. But the good news is that I believe Marah will be willing to let him go with Grandma another day soon.

When I got back to my place, oddly enough my body was aching and I went to bed far earlier than my customary time. Guess I must be getting old.

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  1. Your grandson is so cute!! What fun!!