Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pauza in Praga

Last week was very busy with our Challenge into Missions course and being involved with the students. I have especially enjoyed leading the second level students in a study of 2 Timothy. Doing so in Romanian has been a challenge and a blessing. So by Thursday I was ready for a break, a 'pauza'.

On Thursday I went to Prague. Ah... beautiful Prague. I wandered around the old city streets and saw the Easter market in the town square - very interesting - lots of stuff to see, eat, buy and I did all of the above. I was with a friend from Finland - Kokkamaria - and she and I had a good time wandering, taking pics, eating, poking in shops and generally enjoying the city. One great thing is that Prague has lots of toy stores so this grandma had lots of fun choosing some things for little Ali J.

Let me back up a bit and tell you why I was in Prague. I accompanied my field leader, Matthew, to two days of meetings for leaders of our various fields in the central European area. It was interesting meeting and talking with people from lots of places working with people in interesting places. I was sharing a room with an Austrian woman who is working in Austria, and then with a South African woman working in Bosnia, and a Finnish women working in Kosovo. Also at the meetings were people from the States, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, England and I'm sure some others, who are all working in Central Europe. I was also really happy for the chance to see my former boss and colleague, Rafael, who is now working with OM in Romania.

While in Prague I had opportunity to visit some friends who also are originally from the east of Canada and who now work with Canadian Baptist Ministries in Prague. I had a pleasant evening with Jeff & Deann Carter and was especially blessed at the opportunity to meet their new son Matthew. Their older son Zachary is due for some major surgery in April so they continue to have their share of life's challenges as they faithfully serve the Lord. Thanks for your hospitality, my friends!

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  1. Prague is without a doubt my favorite city in Europe (that I have visited). It is simply amazing. There is so much to see and do here, and the atmosphere is incredible that just being in the city and walking through its streets is worth the trip alone. I was impressed with the scenery and the friendliness of everyone in the Prague hotels where i stayed, in restaurants,on streets,in the city, everywhere. I was equally impressed at the low cost of Czech beer and took advantage of this as often as possible. Prague was my first stop in a trip through Europe and was definitely the highlight. I was happy I had to pass through here again at the end of my trip to catch my flight back to Chicago and made sure I enjoyed every second of it.